Cartier Carat

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To celebrate the launch of Cartier Carat, Cartier Parfums introduces our very first Pop-Up nestled in the heart of SoHo at 120 Wooster Street.

Go on an olfactory journey and discover Cartier Carat and other Cartier Parfums through all five senses.

Open to the public from September 26th to November 4th from 11am to 8pm daily.

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Carat, the new fragrance from Cartier, bottles the seven colors of a prism that converge into a single pure scent, akin to a diamond.


Capturing the light, the diamond bottle inspired by Art Deco diffracts the colors of a prism and mirrors their reflections in its glass square-cut facets.


"I wanted to create a fragrance that shimmers with all the fire of a diamond. It occurred to me to apply the principle of diffraction to the fragrance:  dispersed light appears as flashes of rainbow colors in a diamond. And so, I chose seven beautiful fresh flowers that come together to form a new flower, abstract but alive, like the light of the diamond."